The professional development course offered to teachers by the transla project provides a range of activities that help teachers involve multilingual children and their parents and improve home-school collaboration


Photo credit : Bojan Petrović

The project TRANSLA developed and carried out by

Gabrijela Aleksić

Research scientist
Gabrijela Aleksić
Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences 
Lifespan Development, Family and Culture
I obtained my degree in pedagogy at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and in leadership and developmental youth work at the University of Jönkoping, Sweden. As a young youth worker, I was active in war-affected areas in the former Yugoslavia by creating workshops for children. My interest in early childhood education and the critical preschool years started to develop. I obtained my Master’s degree in psychology at the University of Luxembourg, with my thesis focusing on cultural differences in empathy, self-esteem, and self-disclosure of adolescents from different countries. Cultural psychology took an important position in my research endeavors. The importance of home languages of immigrant children for their school success was the focus of my PhD thesis at the University of Luxembourg. My doctoral dissertation won the award for scientific excellence and novelty in all disciplines. My particular interest in early reading, mathematics, socioemotional skills, and multilingualism of preschool immigrant children grew during the course of this work. Overall, I am passionate about early childhood education, emergent reading, mathematics, socioemotional skills, and multilingualism of preschool children. I have a specific interest in cultural psychology. To explore the richness of these topics, I develop interdisciplinary projects in which I include preschool immigrant children and their parents and teachers. Interdisciplinarity, availability, curiosity, empathy, and intellectual flexibility are important for my work. Researching in this domain is exciting for me as I believe in discovery and sharing.




Iryna Verba, for help with the text, Džoen Bebić-Crestany for collected activities in the program, Maristella Mangipinto for fantastic illustrations, Karine Gillon, who put me in contact with Maristella Mangipinto, and Jessica Domingues Mouro, Christiane Colbett and Helena Vieira Da Silva for the French and German translations. I would also like to thank teachers, parents, and children who participated in the project.

Finally, I would like to thank the TRANSLA project team: Džoen Bebić-Crestany, Claudine Kirsch, Ofelia García, and Nancy Hornberger, and my two students, Iryna Verba and Miriam Ventura, for their fantastic work in different phases of the project.

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Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)
(FNR C18-SC-12637907-TRANSLA-Aleksic)

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